Oops! Accidentally forwarded an inappropriate email to your boss? Or maybe you forgot to add a recipient or include an attachment to an email. Ever regret sending an email and wishing you could "unsend" it? Now you can "undo" a sent email with Unsend Email for the BlackBerry (support for other devices coming soon).

With Unsend Email for the BlackBerry, you will never have to worry about accidentially sending or forwarding an email to the wrong person.  With the simple press of a menu button, you can "unsend" an email moments after sending it (configurable from 5 seconds to 30 seconds).

Forgot to add an attachment or include additional recipients to an email? No problem, simply press the menu button and select "Unsend Email" and your sent email will be undone.  You can now edit the email body, add/remove attachments and recipients, and then re-send it or save it as a draft.

This is a must-have application - it can save you from being fired or embarrassed!

Unsend Email is only $2.99 USD with FREE upgrades for life!  Go to the Download page to get Unsend Email now!

Unsend Email is developed by PuguaSoft LLC.